Fotografie di Paolo Testa

To tell you the truth is an ongoing project I started developing in 2021. In this project I decided to travel into the suburban areas of the United States. When thinking of the United States it is easy to instantly picture the busy streets of New York City, however I was drawn to explore the lifestyles and traditions that contributed widely to the Americana esthetic. I decided to look into small states fairs, drive around small towns and stop every time I felt that something was catching my attention. This project has little production behind it as I wanted these stories to tell their own truths. When taking the off beaten path fueled by curiosity, I was able to capture glimpses into life outside of the big city. Through this project I was able to explore the other landscapes that make up the American dream, all the while having two questions in mind…..
Is this dream still alive? Or does it just live in the iconic pictures that have painted America?