Pietro Bucciarelli

Pietro Bucciarelli is an Italian photographer born in 1998. His visual research is aimed at finding aesthetic answers full of different meanings. Sometimes explicit, sometimes the result of lies, fables, and dreams. 

Bucciarelli sees the person as a fragment of a much larger element, (There are many natural elements that he tells)

After a short period at Cesura as a studio assistant, he completed an artistic residency at Fabrica Communication Research Center from September 2020 to February 2021.

He currently lives and works in Treviso as a Benetton photographer, while also developing his personal projects. 

Some of his works have been published in various magazines such as i-D, Perimetro, Yogurt Magazine, T-Mag, C41, FotoRoom, Decalogue magazine, Splash & Grab, L’essenziale Studio Journal, or Incf.

In 2020 he has been shortlisted in “Italia ’90” (Condominio) with the project “Breve storiella di una persona scomparsa e ritrovata stanca sulla luna rossa”.

In 2021 he finished printing “Sognacci”, his first photographic dummy, which was the result of a year of lucid dreams.

In 2022 he presented his installation “Action of time in three acts” in the “Later came early” exhibition.

In 2022 he was shortlisted in FE+SK Book Award (Fotografia Europea + Skinnerboox) with the project “Learning how to hide”.

Le storie di Pietro