Romain Machefer

Romain Machefer is a self taught photographer, born and raised in Trogues, France. Upon moving to Paris in 1999, Romain was given the opportunity to assist Jean-Paul Goude and Eddy Kohly during work experience at the “Studio De L’Olivier”. He then worked as Eddy Kholy ’s first assistant. In the year 2000 he moved to Milan Italy to learn about the beautiful lighting technics which define Italian photography. He worked as an assistant to acclaimed photographers such as Gian Paolo Barbieri, Livio Mancinelli, Giampaolo Sgura and Paolo Zambaldi. Later on his photographs have been published in magazines including Abitare, Domus, If Magazine, Pol Oxygen and Vogue Australia.

Romain currently works as a creative photographer using analogue film cameras, from 35mm to large format.

Le storie di Romain