William Fernando Aparicio Camacho


Colombia, Bucaramanga, 1985.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist. My work reflects on the different possibilities of the photographic device. Machines intrude as particular systems in the production of images; therefore, I like to dismantle devices, which according to Vilém Flusser, are playthings that simulate thought. My academic heritage is linked to painting, I am deeply interested in technologies related to the
production of images, from the canvas to the screen, the presence of the medium and its hybridization potential have great importance as key places for experimentation and questioning. In my creative projects and my work as a teacher, one of my main interests is focused on the investigation of the photographic device; we currently live in an ecosystem of hyper-production of images connected to the Internet, the human experience has been digitized,
whether we want it or not we are part of the network.

Within my process of creation collecting is a fundamental activity, my strategies as a collector vary, the potential of drift in the city and chance drive my production, I invent rules of the game to consolidate various archives made up of lots of photographs, drawings and videos. In duration and insistence, I have manifested my sensitive experience before the impossibility of stopping time. The traveled space of my being tries to place traps that function as systems of accumulation and quantification in an attempt to capture the inapprehensible. My work is consolidated through poetic experiments with and in time and its elusive materialization is produced in the duration, the surface of the image is the fundamental matter of my work.


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