Flight Crossing / Day 3 / PEOPLE AND PLACES

Text and pictures by Ulysses Aoki and Benedetta Ristori


U.Aoki, Rome, A view of central Rome


U.Aoki, Rome, From a viewpoint


U.Aoki, Rome, Conterporary Arts Centre

B.Ristori, Tokyo, Fuji television building in Odaiba

B.Ristori Things I learned today during my exploration of Odaiba artificial island: to celebrate Japan’s ties with France, a Statue of Liberty was temporarily placed in Odaiba from 1998 to 1999. It was returned to Paris in 1999, but due to its popularity, a replica was erected in 2000.

Rome, U.Aoki, Along the river, there’s a whole new world.

U. Aoki The third day was also a cloudy, darker day. I decided to utilize this time for exploration and input– walking to areas that are further from the central locations, and visiting a contemporary art museum.

Rome, U.Aoki,The river

Tokyo, B.Ristori, Statue of liberty in Odaiba

Ristori, Tokyo, Raimbow cotton candy

B. Ristori, Tokyo, Tsuna Keito fans

B. Ristori, Tokyo, Tsuna Keito fans

B. Ristori Tsuna Keito is a young actor idolized by many teenagers – I met today – for a japanese “tokusatsu” drama. “Tokusatsu” is a term for films or tv shows that make heavy use of practical special effects.

B. Ristori, Tokyo, Night out with Chiharu (Ulysse’s girlfriend)

B. Ristori, Tokyo, Night out with Chiharu (Ulysse’s girlfriend)

B.Ristori After this morning full of fun facts and oversized cotton candy I had dinner with Chiharu – Ulysse’s girlfriend – in a lovely hotpot restaurant, after a really funny dinner we went out in Shibuya for a walk full of colored lights.

U. Aoki, Rome, After dark

U.Aoki, Rome, Blinding lights

U.Aoki, Rome, While eating dinner with a friend

U. Aoki I had plans to meet an old friend that lives in Rome and wander the nights together. As we walked and talked together, I realized that the nights of Rome are dark, but colorful. The nights here are different from Tokyo’s. Patches of harsh and colorful lights, compared to the forever bright and clean night lights of Tokyo.

U.Aoki, Rome, On the train at night