Text and pictures by Ulysses Aoki and Benedetta Ristori

B.Ristori I wake up and it’s my last day in the Tokyo. I already feel a bit nostalgic and I begin missing this beautiful city, even if I’m still here. So I choose to go somewhere vibrant, authentic. I ask my (by now) friend Chiharu some suggestions and she recommend to go to Ueno, specifically on the Ameyoko market.

1-3. B.Ristori, Ameyoko Market, Tokyo

U.Aoki The last day in Rome was dedicated to capturing memories of this incredible experience. I walked through centuries of history at every step. While wandering, I was captivated by simple details: a distinctive light, a special nuance of color; to my eye, each seemed to define a unique moment in time.

1-3 U.Aoki, Last day in Rome, Rome
1-3 U.Aoki,Last day in Rome, Rome


B.Ristori The streets are alive, colored, full of people who negotiate prices, the sound of laughter in the restaurants, the smoke comes out from the kitchens, food smells change each step I take, the loud noise of game centers and slot machines comes from a basement.


I find a spot on the second floor of a building and I watch, even if distant I’m still here in Tokyo, and couldn’t be better.

1-3. B.Ristori, Ameyoko Market, Tokyo













1. B.Ristori, Game center in Ueno, Tokyo

2-3. B.Ristori, Ameyoko Market, Tokyo .