Fotografie di Azaan Shah

Life is like earth moving on the axis. You keep moving yet you don’t dislocate. But some are not lucky enough to remain in their own nest forever. A home is a place; a space where longing rests and the soul gets peace. The more one is attached to this space of solace, the more painful is the feeling of being away from it. The Welsh word ‘Hiraeth’ is an apt expression for such feelings of longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness or desire for returning to places we have lost. Life keeps moving, like earth, and brings up new seasons. The rotation of life, from one nest to another, casts a flicker of dark and bright. A bird belongs to the nest yet flies high in the sky, a horse belongs to unending paths yet is tied to a cart, a seed has enough will to sprout even through rocks yet it is rooted deep down, a majestic tree aspires to kiss the heavens but is bound by earth, a man aspires infinitely yet is emotionally attached to his home. I too had my share of rotation. I am now somewhere else, not where I was brought up. This feeling of homesickness both traps me as well as evokes in me a deep sense of being lost and lonely. The losing of home exemplifies for me the loss of self to the strange ambience of the new place, which offers me nothing except isolation. While my physical being tries hard to reconcile with this new reality my heart still dwells with those familiar faces of downtown and its spiritually soothing ambiance.

A Portrait of a Home.

The View of an old bridge in downtown during winter.

A Portrait of a captured bird.

The view by the river in downtown.

A Plant growing from concrete bricks.

Tree in a cemetery during winter.

A Horse walking in a field.

Portrait of an elderly woman inside mosque at Downtown.

A horse pulling cark at night in downtown.

A man crossing road at night in downtown.