Fotografie di Mathieu Van Assche

“Savage” was produced between 2016 and 2019 at the Carnaval Sauvage in Brussels. This Carnival was born in Brussels and takes place every year on the Saturday following the first day of spring. It takes as its starting point the old district of Marolles where the oldest and most popular flea market in the city takes place every morning and follows a different route each year, taking as a point of honor to cross “places which suffer from changes. forces imposed by speculation and gentrification on the populations of Brussels”. This carnival wants to “awaken the savage who is in each of us”. It wants to be independent, autonomous, marginal, social, collective, festive, urban, engaged, underground, bestial, spring, masked, creative, free, without official authorization, mixed, recycled, sewn, glued, hacked and closer to the pagan and primitive carnival tradition.