Fotografie di Kaisar Ahamed 


I returned to my hometown one rainy summer, after almost a decade. Once so familiar, I was discovering it like a new territory. The river Jamuna, which used to be miles away, was at a walking distance now. It has changed the landscape, forced my relatives away, and made us rootless. The photos I took by its bank brought back long lost memories.

Chandanbaisha is a historical place in Bogra district. In the British period, it was a thana headquarter. Still today a part of dawkbanglo math is there. On the next period, this thana shifted to sariakandi.It was a state of deghapotia. It was an important Business center by the side of the river Manas. All of the surrounding villages destroyed by erosion of the River Jamuna. Remaining part is part of Ghugumary & Rouhadoho are waiting to be ruin in the Jamuna River.

A narrative has gradually built up over the course of both time and the various trips in my Hometown Bogra , spread out over a period between 2016 and 2017. It is kind of photographic diary.