Kartoffeln und Quark

Fotografie di Milan Koch

Since the beginning of April 2020, the Corona-Protests have put down a steep curve, not only in terms of the alleged number of participants.
Even if it was easy to laugh at anti-Corona Yoga at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in the beginning, you could soon see where the journey was headed.

Accompanied by right-wing influencers and media professionals, a cross-front formed, which finally “stormed” the Reichstag in August under black-white-red flags.

These pictures show excerpts and impressions of these demonstrations and its surroundings.

The title refers to a popular german dish : Potatoes and curd cheese. While Potatoes can refer to a german, curd cheese also means bullshit.

This Series was part of the group exhibition „Tag ein, Tag aus“ at August-Bebel-Stiftung in Berlin.

Protestors, Cops and bystanders mix at Alexanderplatz

The Reichstag, just after being cleared of rioting Protestors

Typical group of Corona Protestors

Yoga and Meditation is supposed help against the Virus

People looking out the window onto crowded Rosa Luxemburg Platz

Woman at Protest

Old guy gets arrested

People on Alexanderplatz

Protestor with Mask

Everything will get well soon !

Protesting woman

Right Wing Media at work

Elderly woman not interested in the Protest

Shirt Says: Get up Germany, be one nation again

Thrown out papers by Protest Organisators

Protestors at the top of the fountain on Alexanderplatz

Angry mob

Shirt says „no violence“ spelled wrong.