Caspian Sea

Fotografie di Salman Samdaliri

Lake Caspian is one of the largest lakes in the world which is jointly located in Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan provinces. The lake, which is one of the most important habitats for birds and other animals, in recent years due to the drying up of wetlands and a lot of construction on these beaches has experienced many problems in its environment, which has caused the destruction of a large number of habitats.

Birds and other animals whose lives depended on these wetlands and habitats were forced to migrate. On the other hand, the existence of ports and residential buildings has polluted the water entering the lake. The discharge of sewage and toxins into the lake has had detrimental consequences for the environment and for the natives.

The presence of humans in these habitats has increased the production of plastic waste by building industrial and residential towns, which is one of the worst damage to the environment. Thousands of tons of plastic and garbage are collected from these habitats every year.

The most important reason for the destruction of wetlands and the settlement of these areas is the transfer of people from the capital and from the southeast of Iran to the Caspian Sea. In this series, I tried to investigate the devastating effects of this migration to north of Iran and the destruction of the lake’s habitats.