Fotografie di Elia Green


The photos in the set were taken on Dixwell Ave, in Hamden CT, some of the small businesses on the street do not get as many patrons as they once did. Most of the displays and store signs on the street are older, which gives the street character, but also leaves it feeling vacant, and abandoned to a degree. My photos tend to have softer, or more idealized imagery with subject matter that is typically more abrasive. I try to create pieces that remain indirect in ways they could possibly be interpreted. I like darker faded colors and images that do not feel overly processed and unnatural. I like my pieces to be idealized with a heaviness or a comfort in and acceptance of agony. My photography is inspired by images that are unsettling, beautiful, mundane or rotting and decaying. Subject matter that forces the viewer to be grounded in the human experience, the experience of a self aware animal that will live, feel, process, and die.