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Angelo Ferrillo

Angelo Ferrillo

LUOGO Lampo Milano, Via Valtellina 5, 20159 MILANO, MI

DURATA30 minuti

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Class of ’74, designer, photography lover since adolescence. He moved from Naples to Milan to refine his photographic studies with language structure (Contrasto), a Master’s degree in Photojournalism, one in Photo Editing and Iconographic Research and one in Curatorship.
 He’s lecturer in documentation (IED Milano), Editing (Creative Campus), lecturer and educational coordinator of Photographic Design at Foto Scuola Lecce.
 He designs images for Apple, Google, Giorgio Armani, Fred Perry, Diesel, Gucci, Golden Goose. His language is based on “leaving documents in the hands of posterity” and characterizes the passage of time. This research leads him to works such as the Bataclan bombings and the 1948 Tour de France.
His photography has been described by Giovanni Gastel as “a close look at what people have inside.”


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