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Giorgio Galimberti

Giorgio Galimberti

LUOGO Lampo Milano, Via Valtellina 5, 20159 MILANO, MI

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Giorgio Galimberti has participated in many personal exhibitions of his work and cooperated with important Italian and international art galleries that have enabled him to enter the authorial photography.  During his workshops and seminars, he is dedicated to teaching master photography. 

Born in Como on 20th March 1980. Giorgio had a passion for photography even as a child. With his Polaroid camera, he entered contests open to art and creativity through the photographic medium.  The young Gieorgio’s attempts to manipulate and modify images began inside the playful dimension of the instant camera.

Giorgio’s passion remained throughout his adolescence when he displayed his photographs in several exhibitions. Experimental techniques from masters of the art influenced Giorgio and with focused dedication the darkroom, Giorgio created unique photographic backgrounds.

After an educational sabbatical, Galimberti returned with technological expertise to the world of digital photography. He applies his years of photographic knowledge and experience through black and white artistic expressions refined to emulate the great Master of Photography. His art delivers a interpretive world of contrast, conflict, and comparison. Reflected light and shadows from bodies, objects, and urban landscapes offer familiar elements typical of street photography characterized with a modern and narrative photographical language. Galimberti’s distinct style combines recognizable daily life with suspended visions of urban architecture.


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