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Giulia Bersani

Giulia Bersani

LUOGO Opificio 31 - SPAZIO CREA Via Tortona, 31, 20144 Milano MI

DURATA30 minuti

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Class of 1992, born and raised in Milan, she began her interest in analog photography during her last years of high school.
This interest stems from a strong fear of death and the passing of time; in fact, she is reassured by the ‘idea of capturing precious moments of life so that she can remember their value.
Over the years she developed an intimate and raw style and worked on several personal projects on the themes of self-portraiture, love and sexuality, mental health, the body and motherhood that were exhibited in cities such as Milan, London, Berlin, Brussels, Bologna, etc. Over time she tries to bring back the same authenticity and sensitivity in commissioned works, mainly in the ‘fashion and music fields.

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