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Paolo Santambrogio

Paolo Santambrogio

LUOGO OPIFICIO 31 - Milano Space Makers - Spazio Crea

DURATA30 minuti

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Paolo Santambrogio was born in Milan and is an italian photographer and filmmaker. While in High School, he worked with a photo reporter. That experience consisted of six years of photography and dark room work, an overall hard and demanding school of photographic technique, development and printing, mainly of black and white images. After high school he studied at the faculty of economic and social disciplines, while continuing his activity as a photographer in cooperation with many different magazines edited by major publishing houses. After leaving the university he decided to devote himself entirely to photography, and has been specializing in fashion, advertising and portraits. Several years ago he began diversifying his career entering into the realm of moving images, directing music videos, fashion short-films and commercials. With both photos and videos there is a constant inspiration to the language of film, with great attention to the acting and diegetic lighting aspects. Fashion and aesthetics are not ends in themselves, but are elements of a broader creative and narrative path. 

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