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Pietro Baroni

Pietro Baroni

LUOGO Lampo Milano, Via Valtellina 5, 20159 MILANO, MI

DURATA30 minuti

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A multidisciplinary artist, I use photography, video, audio and installation. A keen observer and researcher, my research is oriented toward the search for the “self”: how to construct oneself in the world, in the social and natural space that surrounds human beings. I have portrayed numerous personalities from the world of culture and entertainment, and my works and installations have been shown in a variety of exhibitions. Body, identity and emotions are my keywords. With a degree in Natural Science with a research thesis on lions, I have traveled to over 40 countries around the world to collect and breathe human stories.
Since February 2016, I have been Certified by Leica.
Lens Culture elected me in 2017 as Emerging Photographer of the Year.


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