Filiberto Galli

Hi, my name is Filiberto. I am in my mids and live in a small town in the southern area of Rome.

In the film era I used to shoot with a Ricoh, I was a teen and I was particularly interested in the development of the film. I remember coping with the magnifier, the chemicals, the paper on which I used to print my pictures. Just after the college my passion vanished, I don’t know exactly why.

My interest in photography came back with the advent of the digital era. It was not until 2008 that I bought a digital camera, the Nikon D300 which I am still using.

Photography gives me the chance to use a different language. Elements, composition, colours, can resonate in those who look at my works, so establishing a non-verbal communication, sharing empathy beyond physical borders. That’s the power of photography in my opinion: relationship.

I am particularly interested in shooting portrait, architectural features and conceptual studios.

Le storie di Filiberto