Fotografie di Filippo Romano e Francesco Giusti
Testo di Filippo Romano

Last April Francesco Giusti and Filippo Romano portrayed 100 people in Nairobi for the Perimetro + Livenslums project.
A tight job with a very spartan set, two battle flashes and a backdrop bought in Eastleight from a fabric wholesaler for
Chadors, one of the few in town that had a wide enough fabric. Friends called other friends and so on. Special thanks go to Siham Idrissi who put the photographers in touch with a significant number of Nairobi residents.
The photographers’ set was organised by Chez Sonia and in the Mathare Slum school by The Why Not Academy. Henry “Pepe” Otieno was an irreplaceable assistant.
The subjects portrayed were both officially known and famous people as well as magnificent perfect strangers. From the famous DJ and the LGBT rights activist to the boiled corn vendor, the dancer, the boda boda driver and the butcher at Mathare Slum. Thank you to all.
A continuous story on a neutral backdrop, a classic canon on which an array of faces, expressions and gestures was collected. A deliberately imperfect but credible portrait of the city that rephrases the open question of what we think we know about Africa, its cities, and their inhabitants.
The authors wanted to tell the story of a city that goes beyond its social segregation, its economic, tribal and political divisions. An open and transversal portrait, just begun but which already offers some fragments of a city of many cities, which never ceases to amaze.

Dominic Otieno
Community leader, football coach and founder of Why Not Junior Academy. Achieng Butler
Digital and Strategic Marketing consultant. Multiligual Africa Expert. Micheline Ntiru
People-curious, multilingual business advisor, investor, story teller, founder of a media platform.Kevin Irungu Karuga
Co-founder masaai mbili art centre. Msafara  leader Oxfam pan African program. Rachael Akinyi alias Spontaneous The Poet
I uses my work to build consciences of the masses in different spaces in Nairobi. Purity Ndanu
street sellerCaleb Saka
Musicians and performer – school dance in MathareSamuel Maina
Environmental activist, head of Havillah recycling projectBill Sellanga alias Blinky Bill
Musician/producer and DJ based in Nairobi. He is also a founder of the Kenyan art and music collective Just A Band. Priscilla Tatu
Hall manager Chez Sonia
Rose Mbone
Founder of The Legend Kenya, one of the largest shanty towns in northeastern Nairobi–Kenya’s capital city. Aliya HabibSamson Ikoma
Community leader and activist. Volunteer for hiv prevention project in Mathar.Owen Anyira
Community leader, activist. Member of Tawesa NGO working to ensure sanitation in the Mathare slum.Jesse MweuFelix MuindiIdah Waringa
Journalist & documentary maker telling the African story and enjoying the vibe.Padre Kizito Sesana
Missionary and journalist. Founder of Amani Africa and Editor of Nigrizia.Jazzani Minae
Loves creation and promting good vibes. “Creativity is my epicenter and love is my soul”.Sonia Massioui
Business woman supporting other women in business. Owner of Chez Sonia. Siham Drissi
Ecofeminist and Intersectional Environmentalist. United Nations Environment Programme Manager.Jr Boy
Jr Boy is a young Somali artist. Benedetta Kamene
Community health volunter for more than 15 years, she has been working with people living with HIV AIDs. Peng Chen
Entrepreneur based in Nairobi. Co-founder of The Alchemist.Ashura Michael
She is a former speaker of East Africa Community assembly, mentors and empowers people living with disability. Mary Mugure
Co-founder Night nurses sex workers movement, she is a sex worker by professional. Jackie Mukirai
A gospel artist/intern. super model n fashion freak,interior designer/music theory /vocal trainer. Victor Owour alias Mc V SlIM
Artist that uses his artistic work to educate community about human rights and social change
David Otieno
Founder of KENYA PEASANT LEAGUE,which organizes peasants farmers in the country and continentally.Kenneth Owilli
ED Maono Africa, art and sports centre based in Dandora. They seek to transform the lives of Children through sports and arts.  Dareminder Blackseed
Darbla Soul Ark quaterly charity event organizer in Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums, and a Reggae/Dancehall singer too. Paul Dee
MusicianNishad Khakhar
Seasoned veteran of the hospitality and nightlife sectors in Nairobi having co-founded Juniper Kitchen and the Alchemist.Kevin Van Dijck
Professional full-time DJ in Kenya for the past 10 years. He’s The brain behind Boombox, Nairobi’s number one urban night club.Vikii Jo
Music Producer who through the music inspire people and give them joy.Sadia Ibrahim
Radio presenter at Choice Radio, event curator for Open Mic 254 and a road manager for international artists.Selam Ayele KebedeMusonda Mumba
Director of UNDP Rome Centre for Sustainable Development on Climate Change & Nature. Rosemary Awour
Women’s activist, responsible for the Tree of Life Foundation’s maternal HIV prevention project in the Korogocho slum.Salome Nduta
Born from korogocho, supports the work of community organizers and activists by offering them support for protection when they are at risks.Mi-Stick
MusicianFarah Esmail
Farah Esmail BSc JD MBA. International Bikini Fitness Athlete, Wellness Coach, Lawyer and Impact Entrepreneur. Elishifa Wangeci
Ghetto Radio producer & presenter.Billian Ojiwa
Mathare Community Organizer. #ImpossibleIsNotRachael Mwikali
Gender Justice ActivistYvonne Aoko Were alias Lyra Aoko
Lyra Aoko is a portrait and lifestyle photographer with a keen passion for content creation and a distinctive aesthetic. DJ Suraj
Renowned DJ and producer from Nairobi, Kenya. His productions fuse ethnic tribal elements with modern day electronic sounds. Gaetano Berni
Architect – Liveinslums NGOSarah Atieno
waitress at Chez SoniaJfam
Dan Ndviati
CEO of a great digital marketing company. Sharon Wamae
Sharon works in social media marketing and content creation.Editar Ochieng
Politician, activist and feminist. Founder “Feminist for peace” – Rights and justice centre in Mathare. Judy King’oo
chef assistent at chez SoniaJuliet Akinyi alias Nile Dawta 
Artist with a feminist Pan African tourch of creativity.Wawira Njiru
Wawira is the Founder and Executive Director of Food for Education, an organization that sources and prepares fresh lunches for public primary school children in Kenya. Young Tiger
studentMarylize Biubwa
Black intersectional feminist, queer – lesbian woman, communication expert more on social media.Sammy Simela George alias
sport promoter in Mathare SlumHenry Ochieng (Pepe sulla scrivania)
Promoter Liveinslums Ong and community leaderJoshine Achieng
Mathare Roots Initiative – Community leaderBenjamin Mkapa
workerJulius Mwelu
Director of photography school Julius Mwelu Foundation of MathareGeorge Gachie
street artist Margareth Mbone
Mathare slum activist and teacher Akinyi Adongo
Passionately obsessed with the continent, our people and what Africa will do for the world in the near future. Jackline Karee MKennedy Odhiambo
Bike driver ( PikiPiki)Alex Mungithia
street sellerCosmus Joseph
street seller Catherine Chepkwemoi
private guardian in Mathare SlumMichael Odera
TV and movie actorBoniface Mwangi
Award-winning Kenyan photojournalist and human rights activist. He was named as top 100 Kenyans 2019 and 2020. Jerick Omondi
dancer and performer
Philip Mwanzia
butcherMycliffe Ambula
musician mecanicKatungulu MwendwaShaquay Deh
musician producerOkada Buluma
Educator and cultural mediator in the Kibera slum, responsible for the Child Protection programme for the Tree of Life Foundation
Kevin Ochieng
Activist and community leader in the Mathare slumGodfrey Otieno
dancer and performer why not academy Elizabeth Waithera
Producer – Ghetto RadioSilvia Orazi
International Cooperation – Director Liveinslums NgoAlvin Otieno
Matatu worker Grace MwangiFlorence Odhiambo
Woman ActivistWilkiss Ivannah
Rugby PlayerElizabeth Evidah
Community Leader MathareSharon Kerubo
modelTeeku Patel
One of Kenya’s home grown photographic talents. Teeku, specializes in nature and landscape photography. Marion Munga
Founder of the Dance Factory Kenya, a Dance Events Company based in Nairobi. Tony Tei
Photographer and story teller that examines various horizons on the African narrative.
Sandrine Preaubert
French interior designer settled in Kenya for two decades.Eric Muriuki
Father of two. Fintech Guru. Passionate about using data and technology to solve Africa’s biggest problems. Wandia Gichuru
Fashion Entrepreneur. Passionate about strenghening #MadeInAfrica brands and supporting women in business. Samy Ghannam
Native French speaker, seasoned banker and passionate creative. Joseck Ndunde
Musicians and performer – school dance in Mathare
Patrick Mwanzia
Activist and community leader in the Mathare slum – promoter Liveinslums Ngo

Edna Kaindi
sign language translator for BBC Africa

Ianso Marshel alias McVdj Ianso