Human Power – Holi Festival

Fotografie di Paolo Regis

Human Power sets out to immortalize the quintessence of human energy while it fuses to form an explosive burst of positivity.

An immersive expedition takes the observer on a mystical journey of discovery through the most diverse and dramatic settings.

The common thread is seizing “the moment” in which a profoundly inspired crowd of humans synchronise their hearts and minds on a common objective unleashing a positive energy that must be captured & celebrated.

In the central square, the crowd grew at an impressive speed.

Just like particles drawn together by an intermolecular force, men, women and children appeared strongly attracted to each other.

As their bodies danced in a symbiotic ritual, the dust around them started rising, appearing as if seen through mist; indistinct and blurred in form and outline.

My heart started pounding. I knew “the moment” was about to occur.

I needed to protect my lens from the dust and gain an aerial perspective of the energy that was inexorably building.

Amongst thousands of people surrounding me, my attention zoomed in on a group of young men standing by a shop with a precarious rooftop overlooking the square.

A powerful force drew me towards one man in particular. I somehow knew he would play a crucial role.

He greeted me with a glowing smile, as if he had been expecting me. Sunil was the owner of the shop.

He escorted me to the back and led me to a wobbly metal ladder..


Hearts and Minds in a symbiotic relationship unified to create a set of undulating contours.

A series of interdependent layers of energy amalgamated as they multiplied in force…


As the mass reached a peak in density, my attention was suddenly drawn towards a man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt.

His warm energy appeared to protect everyone around him. I realized then that I had found the Protector…


Dancing humans in a hypnotizing parade of colours formed a wave of energy.

A young man’s righteous hand reached out to capture the energy…


The crowd began a slow procession towards Banke Bihari Temple. among thousands of people a woman of noble purity stood out.

In an ocean of colourful paint, she somehow maintained an immaculately white attire, as she walked gracefully in the opposite direction…


As the sun began to set, the energy emanated by the crowd carried the signs of a victory everyone had gathered to celebrate.

A bright aura of pure light representing Narasimha Narayana overpowered the darker forces of Hiranyakashipu, confining them to the background.