London Creative Crews

Fotografie di Henerico Rossi


When I started discussing this contribution with Sebastiano we agreed on a project that would reflect my surroundings here in London. So for once I thought I wouldn’t need to look too far.

My first introspection went straight to the people that inspire me. I got in touch with some friends and other creatives that I got to know along the way and this is how the project came together.

Every image has been shot within a quarter of a mile from where I live. Most of the creatives I photographed are also based in the area so that the commute for them was just a few minutes on foot.

I wanted to take some real images, so I asked them to show up at the shoot with with their own clothes and very little was staged. We ended up spending more time talking than taking photos to be honest. It was fun, thank you Sebastiano and everyone involved!






Christall Reign Quinto – Art student

“I don’t actually hang out with a lot of other artists event though I go to an art school. Even if they are just normal people they always have such interesting experiences that you only later learn about. They have lived a thousand lives and you only see one part of them.”






M CA$H – Singer

“Just keep doing what no one else is doing.”
Talking about making great music






Louis Shengtao Chen – Fashion designer

“Sometimes you don’t need to find an inspiration, it can be just a sensation, a feeling of life and circumstances and then you just transform your thoughts into an image. I think [you can apply that] not just in fashion but also in photography and painting. I don’t think fashion is the most fancy thing in the arts, it is the same for all the arts.”

Talking about finding inspirations







Salomé Pressac – Dancer

“I did adapt but I always kept true to myself and the person I am, I am a very loud and fun and bubbly person.”
Talking about working with people from different backgrounds







Camille Munn – Singer

“Once you connect with one person in the music industry from London that you get along with you are able to find like-minded people. That’s the one thing with London, it is hard to find the key but once you find it and you open that door it is endless.”

Talking about getting started in London







FITZ – Model

“This is just a melting-pot for meeting other creatives and they bring their own style or their own flair into the project. […] My favourite part about it is talking to them and to get to know them personally. And then it is so funny hearing everybody’s accent. I try to be a good listener, I am the one with the accent here because I don’t sound European.”

Talking about working in London








Malcolm Yaeng – Stylist

“Sometimes it can be too much but sometimes too much can be good.”
Talking about living in London







Georgie Somerville – Painter

“I would look at lots of old photography books from the East End […] and start taking these old men and have them sitting in bright pink suits at a table. I would completely change the story of these old photographs and make a new environment for them to live in.”

Talking about finding inspirations







Georgia Moot – Presenter & model

I think it is the only way I had an outlet and I knew how, especially when I was at university – that’s when I started modelling – […] I was talking about the topics, I was harbouring the conversations and then simultaneously I was going on set, I was meeting creative people and I was doing videos. It just happened to be the natural marriage that all carried on the academics and the socio-political conversations into a more media-creative-fashion thing.

Talking about merging her modelling and presenter careers