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School of Curiosity

A school of visual story telling for Nairobi

Is it possible to teach curiosity?
It is probably an innate gift, a spark that is ignited almost immediately as a child.
What can be taught is how to exploit curiosity, how to use this innate gift that if not cultivated only produces wasted talents.
Curiosity leads us to see things that others do not see, to search, to unearth hidden narratives.
It is from this very simple starting point that the School of Curiosity was born, a school of self-narration that wants to give a new voice to Naiorbi, and whose aim is to teach the tools of contemporary storytelling to potential photographers and videomakers.
School of Curiosity is a project of Perimeter Magazine and the NGO Liveinslums: we will host at a workshop hosted by the local association Why Not Junior Academy in Mathare, 12 young people from Nairobi who will become the authors of new stories.

We will provide the working tools and a scholarship during the training course.
The course is conducted using mobile media.
It consists of three teaching weeks.
No technical training is required.

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By 15 December 2022

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