Unparallel Symmetry

Fotografie di Ulysses Aoki

Unparallel Symmetry is an ongoing project in my hometown Tokyo. The ideology of “equilibrium” is quite firm in Japanese culture. Equilibrium in how people behave or look, how things are built or structured and more. Unparallel Symmetry is a visual play on this sense of equilibrium. By specifically choosing frames that are visually similar, parallel, or matching in a candid setting, I aim to strengthen only the visual aspect of this equilibrium, so much that it creates a level of satire on the culture.

The result has a resemblance of a dense, saturated dream. A compilation of patterns, by geometry, color, or something more internal such as behavior. Through the eye of a camera in a candid setting, such visual results are only allowed through the physical diversity of Tokyo- an utter oxymoron to the process of over-simplification which I did through “Unparallel Symmetry”.